Based on a post April wrote a while back, this “audio post” episode reaffirms that yes, life can be hard. Yes, sometimes we feel like giving up. But here is a reminder of a six powerful reasons NEVER to do so.

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I (April) have had some personal struggles over the past several months and years--particularly as I tried to do do more than one day's share each day, and as I tried to combat a really mean voice in my head that was waking me up each morning. I've finally found the solutions to these two challenges, and whether or not you struggle with the same kinds of things, I thought that perhaps my experiences could be helpful to you. Enjoy today's episode, and please share your thoughts and comments below!

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Jill Savage is an amazing woman. But not just because she speaks, writes, shares goodness and leads thousands of people around the world. It’s because she’s real. And she knows how to look at motherhood with a solid, beautiful perspective that can’t help but inspire you.
In today’s episode of Power of Moms Radio, we discuss some great topics that can help you better care for your family including
How to catch ourselves before we go down "the rabbit hole” of frustration and comparison.
- How to transform the challenges of marriage and use them as growing opportunities.
- How to recognize when we’re unfairly comparing our children—to each other, to kids we know, or to those “imaginary perfect kids” that we’re sure exist somewhere out there.
- How to use the “CLAP” acronym to help us respond to a child who is perhaps driving us crazy.  :)
- How to fill our wells and take care of ourselves—because all this work we’re doing to emotionally support our families require energy that must be replenished.
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Do you ever feel like "dreaming" is for OTHER people, but not mothers? Then honestly, you must listen to today's podcast. We're going to show you the world is open to all of us, even those who are in the trenches raising the next generation.

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In this episode Rachel and I talk about: having a focused list and clearly identified next actions, saying no graciously, and taking ownership for our overwhelm. If you’re feeling the least bit overwhelmed, these principles can help you breathe a little more easily and enjoy your family even more.

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Each of us has “secret disasters”–moments that feel impossible, but no one ever sees. When we can learn to see these disasters as opportunities for beautiful change, we’ll welcome them with open arms. Join April Perry in this first podcast of Season 2, where she shares her recent post AND the incredible messages submitted by Power of Moms community members. Stay tuned at the end of the podcast for an update on what's happening behind the scenes and what's coming next!

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Join April from Power of Moms, and Saren from Power of Families as they discuss ways to succeed with your goals and to see real progress! For full show notes, please visit

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As mothers, we hope that everyone in the family will help clean the house so that we aren't the only ones doing the housework--and so we can teach our children and train them for adulthood. If you would like fun, creative, and DOABLE ways to make this happen, we have a podcast episode just for you!

Join April and Saren on Power of Families Radio and Power of Moms Radio as they share some of their best ideas for getting the whole family involved in the housework. (In case you haven't heard, this fall Power of Moms is expanding into a separate platform—Power of Families, that will serve everyone in the family.) Enjoy!

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