A "Bright Line" is a clear, unambiguous rule that you just don't break. It's a boundary you create for yourself that you simply don't cross.

Susan Peirce Thompson--one of the most compassionate, intelligent, deliberate mothers I know, joins us in this episode to talk about how Bright Lines can help us to reach our goals and live happy, healthy lives.

While Susan's specialty is supporting those who struggle with food addictions, we're going to talk about how Bright Lines impact our parenting, faithfulness to a spouse, and even phone use. (You won't want to miss any of the little gems that are embedded in this podcast.)

One of my favorite parts of this podcast was when we discussed the power of "reZOOMing," which is what happens if you DO cross a Bright Line.

We'll talk about the four "S's" of Speed, Loving Self-Talk, Social Support, and Seeking the Lesson.

Susan opens up in this interview about her years as a drug addict. She shares how she changed her life, put her energy into her education, overcame obesity, and then started a journey toward helping others find THEIR way.

The more I get to know her, the more I love her. I think you'll feel the same.

***Special Note***

Susan's work with Bright Line Eating is uniquely for those who struggle with food addictions, and if you are in that place right now (or even if you just want some new ideas for how to nourish your body healthfully), Susan has some incredible resources for you:

Option 1: The Susceptibility Quiz: Are you addicted to food? This five-question quiz will help you find out.

Option 2: Susan's Bright Line Video Series

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