Have you ever wanted to just "get the house clean"? Join April Perry and her daughter Alia as they share how their family planned a one-month decluttering project of the whole home in preparation for a move. You'll learn simple ideas that can help you breathe deeply and conquer that clutter in no time at all.

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If your children have recently gone back to school or your school year is about to begin, you’re probably going through some of the same things we’re going through. There are lots of emotions involved and new schedules to consider.  Some of us are redefining ourselves as we enter a new stage of motherhood.

Join Saren and April in this popular encore episode where they share their own “back to school” stories–along with plenty of practical tips for making the transition work for the whole family.

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We all know the drill...

You wake up with AWESOME intentions to get out there and have an awesome workout. Because you want to be healthy.  And you want to feel great for your family.

And then something happens. Or a LOT of somethings. And pretty soon you don't have time for a shower. Or a workout. And you grab a handful of fishy crackers and think, "Okay, we'll try again tomorrow."

Deep inside, we know there's got to be a better option. And Robin Long, from The Balanced Life, is going to show us just how to make that better option happen!

Enjoy the podcast, and be sure to check out our new sponsor, RXBAR/RXBAR Kids! Have you heard of them before? (We've got some fun glowing testimonials for them inside the podcast!) Thanks so much for being with us!

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As the majority of the moms in our community are thinking about the upcoming school year, many of us are trying to decide which extracurricular activities we should sign our children up for and figure out which activities that they want to do will really work for our children and our family as a whole.

In this episode, Saren and her 14-year-old daughter Eliza share experiences and offer ideas to help navigate the world of extracurricular activities.

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As a mom, you've likely found yourself in some pretty wild (and often very "yucky") situations that you never could have imagined before becoming a mother.

In this encore episode, join Saren and her friend Janelle for some good laughs as they share some of their craziest motherhood moments as well as sharing some of their tenderest experiences with the kindness that can be on the flip side of the craziness.

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In this encore episode, we revisit with Saren as she tells about her families travels around the 12 oldest National Parks in the west last summer (camping the whole way!). Saren shares how this all came about and what her family gained through this wild and wonderful adventure.

The principles offered apply to all families whether they’d like to do a big trip or simply spend a little more time outside together as a family.

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This mini podcast was recorded a few years ago by April and her friend Tricia.  Tricia had taken some parenting classes to certify to become a foster parent.  Here she briefly shares a few pearls of wisdom, and three of her tips have made a HUGE difference for our community! Come find out why!  For full show notes, please visit powerofmoms.com/217

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Do you want to have a deeper connection with your children, but aren't quite sure how? You're not alone! In this audio post, we have 3 articles that detail easy ways to make the most of the time you have with your family. For full show notes, please visit powerofmoms.com/216

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Saren recently attended a marriage workshop with her husband and found it to be so helpful that she invited Dr. Jeremy Boden  - the therapist who conducted the workshop - to share some key principles on Power of Moms Radio.

In this episode, Jeremy shares some of the key principles of the "new science of love" and helps us learn how we can communicate more effectively, form more secure bonds, and break cycles of behavior that just aren't working.

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We all have days (or weeks or months) when when our best efforts just don't seem to be enough.

In this week's episode, Saren shares her own struggles with "being enough" and reads three powerful posts that offer concrete ideas to help us see the good when we're feeling pretty bad and recognize that we are enough.

This post comes with a big virtual hug from all of us as Power of Moms!

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