Ready to give yourself an emotional lift and create new, powerful habits that will make you a better mom (and person)? Join Rachel Nielson and April Perry in this powerful, honest discussion--packed full of strategies you can apply TODAY. Show notes available at

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Have you heard about "the best nine minutes of the day"? Thousands of mothers worldwide have loved this simple, powerful idea we call "the best nine minutes." Join us here at Power of Moms Radio, and we'll you what it's all about!  For full show notes visit

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In this week’s Radio Show, April and Saren share simple tried-and-true ideas for making gratitude and optimism a more prevalent part of our lives and our children’s lives.

Some ideas include being a bit more mindful of the examples we set (are we focusing on all the things we don’t have?), encouraging habits like writing frequent thank you notes or identifying our favorite parts of each day, and making it a point to keep a healthy internal dialogue going.  For full show notes, please visit

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