What kind of schooling is right for our children? Public school? Charter school? Neighborhood school?  Private school? Homeschool? There are so many choices these days!

In this popular episode from our archives, April and Saren share what works for them and offer helpful ideas to help you decide what is right for your children and family.

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Join April and Patty Palmer as they briefly discuss simple ways to teach art to children.

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In this encore episode, Saren and her friend Janelle discuss what they believe is most important for preschool-aged children and share what the Joy School program can offer to kids – and moms!

While this episode focuses on the benefits of the internationally-acclaimed Joy School co-op preschool option, the principles that Saren and Janelle discuss apply to any mom of preschoolers.

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Read Articles: Good Mom-ents, Finding Celebrations in Failure, and Good Mom Redefined.  Read by Jennifer Brimhall

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Is it our job to make our children’s childhood magical? Or should we simply get out of the way so our kids can make their own magic?

Join Saren and April for this encore presentation where they share ideas for how we can:

  • foster creativity in our children as we encourage them to make their own fun
  • increase the contentment and joy in our own lives by slowing down and taking the pressure off ourselves to be the constant “cruise director” in our children’s lives.

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