In this encore episode, we revisit with Saren as she tells about her families travels around the 12 oldest National Parks in the west last summer (camping the whole way!). Saren shares how this all came about and what her family gained through this wild and wonderful adventure.

The principles offered apply to all families whether they’d like to do a big trip or simply spend a little more time outside together as a family.

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This mini podcast was recorded a few years ago by April and her friend Tricia.  Tricia had taken some parenting classes to certify to become a foster parent.  Here she briefly shares a few pearls of wisdom, and three of her tips have made a HUGE difference for our community! Come find out why!  For full show notes, please visit

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Do you want to have a deeper connection with your children, but aren't quite sure how? You're not alone! In this audio post, we have 3 articles that detail easy ways to make the most of the time you have with your family. For full show notes, please visit

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Saren recently attended a marriage workshop with her husband and found it to be so helpful that she invited Dr. Jeremy Boden  - the therapist who conducted the workshop - to share some key principles on Power of Moms Radio.

In this episode, Jeremy shares some of the key principles of the "new science of love" and helps us learn how we can communicate more effectively, form more secure bonds, and break cycles of behavior that just aren't working.

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