It's so hard to make ourselves tackle projects that feel overwhelming! But when we keep putting things off, we feel bad.

In this episode, April and Saren share an exciting new way to reduce your procrastination by leaps and bounds and get the right things done.

***Tips and strategies based on David Allen's international best-seller, Getting Things Done®.

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This week we are bringing back one of our earliest podcasts—Finding Joy When We're Barely Surviving, which stemmed from this question from a mom in our community:

"How am I supposed to find the joy in motherhood when all I can do is keep my head above water? I am barely surviving, let alone thriving!"

Well, if you've ever felt this way, you're not alone.  And as we prepared for this radio show, we reached out to our Power of Moms Facebook community for answers.  (The response was wonderful.)

Join Saren and April as they discuss thoughts and actions that deliberate mothers can use when things feel really heavy, and receive a virtual pat on the back from our community as we acknowledge the beauty and power of motherhood.

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We all want to be successful in our vitally important role as mothers. But how do we know if we’ve done a good job when no one hands us a trophy, we don’t get graded, and there’s no performance review or pay raise to confirm our success? How do we keep from feeling like failures when we’ve put in hours of devoted work each and every day but there’s not a lot of tangible evidence that we accomplished much?

We’ve definitely had those thoughts. So we (Saren and April) recorded a radio show full of our very best ideas for creating and celebrating success as mothers.

We hope you’ll enjoy this popular episode from our archives and we’d love to have you add your thoughts in the comments.  (We’re sure there are lots of good ideas we didn’t cover on this subject!)

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We thought we'd dig back in the archives and revisit this well-loved podcast.

We come into motherhood with ideals about how things are going to go – then we realize that some of those ideals just aren’t realistic or aren’t all that important.

What have you realized isn’t as important as it seemed to be at first? Have you let go of aspects of how your house and kids should look, what your kids should eat, that sort of thing?

These questions received lots of interesting and helpful responses from our Facebook community – and April and Saren add their own thoughts in this week’s Radio Show. (As you listen, you’ll gain great perspective and be glad to know you’re not the only one who has worried about silly things!)

For full show notes, please visit

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