Today's podcast is simply one side of a conversation between me and you where I talk about the following topics:
- "Mommy is a Person" - It's easy for us to become "responders" and even "people pleasers," but it's totally possible to balance the love we have for our families with our personhood.
- The importance of holding onto our personal power. Please learn from my mistakes. It's been a painful road, but I'm coming back.
- The process of acknowledging how much we ARE doing. I've had some conversations with a variety of mothers lately who are going through a lot, but often do not realize it. This needs to change for all of us.
- How to plan our lives in a way that makes sense. I'll walk you through David Allen's Natural Planning Model and explain how it can help!
- How we can be catalysts of change. I'll share a story from 10 years ago when Eric and I wanted to start a home business and make some other big changes in our lives, but all we had was a tight, cramped, cluttered office--and no energy to do anything but watch TV at night.
- Details about a "Command Central Boot Camp" coming soon at LearnDoBecome, if you want to be part of the fun with us!
We're so happy to have you here with us at Power of Moms Radio!
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