We have three more audio posts for you today! "Self Care Is Not Selfish" by Lucille Zimmerman and "When It Feels Hard to 'Enjoy Every Moment'" by Mary Karlee Mullen and "How to Be a Happy Mother When Everything Isn't Perfect" by Heather Saunders. These are designed specifically to help you find more joy in motherhood, but not because every moment will be FUN, but because you'll learn how to take care of yourself, enjoy the "overall" process, and find joy when life most definitely does NOT feel perfect. So glad to have you here at Power of Moms!

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The power of Getting Things Done is now available for teens, and I am excited to share this brand new book with the deliberate mothers of the world!

And when I found out that David Allen, Mike Williams, and Mark Wallace were publishing GTD for Teens, I KNEW we needed to bring them onto Power of Moms Radio!

Enjoy this interview where we discuss the why behind the movement--plus specific ways you can implement some of the ideas today!

Mike even shares a fun summer tradition he has with his kids where they write ideas for an optimal summer on 3 x 5 cards, and then they visually move them from the "dreaming state" to the "done state" on a cork board. Such a great idea!  

Enjoy the episode, and then pre-order the book if you're ready for more!
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This week, we're featuring three amazing posts created by deliberate mothers in our community: "Everyone Needs Backup" by Aubrey Degn, "Exercise Therapy" by Sarah Badat Richardson, and "How to Have Difficult Conversations with Your Child's Teacher" by Amanda Hamilton Roos. We're confident that by the end of this podcast, you'll have some creative ideas for managing the challenges in your home, you'll feel more committed to taking care of yourself, and you'll feel more prepared to tackle any difficult issues that may be going on with your child at school. So excited you're with us, and we're grateful to our team of deliberate mothers who made this podcast possible!

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