I spent a lot of time worrying about "not being enough" for my children (and everyone else) while they were young. But when I asked my 18-year-old what she actually remembered from her years of childhood, it turns out she didn't even NOTICE all the things I was worried about. Come listen to the conversation and take a deep breath! It all works out.  :)

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We all know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed.  I think that’s a daily occurrence for most mothers. But what do we do when we feel like we can barely breathe?

A friend of mine once shared some wise, wise words: “Whenever I feel like my family is ‘getting in the way’ of my life, that’s an indicator that I have too much on my plate.”

Light bulb moment!


In this audio post, I’ll share with you a strategy that has consistently helped me to manage what’s on my plate–and in the process, find more joy in my family.

I’m confident it will help you to do the same.

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So we invited Gretchen to join us on Power of Moms Radio to talk about this idea more in depth.

When our homes are a mess, it feels impossible to function. But cleaning closets and wiping kitchen counters seems to “make our brains work better” and enables us to breathe more fully.

But is the reverse also true? Does inner calm lead to outer order?

Does outer order sometimes create a facade of inner calm?

Is the word “contributes” the key here? (Meaning there’s more at play than we may realize?)

Listen to this podcast full of new perspectives and quick, actionable tips–and then share your thoughts in the comments!

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The new school year is just around the corner, and if you already cringing at the thought of your countertops overrun with projects and papers, today's podcast is here to help!

For Show Notes, visit https://powerofmoms.com/bonus-school-papers

And for a free video from Alia, where she'll teach your children how to use three simple folders and a calendar to keep their desks and spaces clean, sign up at http://LearnDoBecome.com/s4s

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Mother Rachel Nielson found Power of Moms when she had a colicky newborn baby and she felt desperate for hope.  In the years since, her challenges as a mother have changed as her children have gotten older, but she has continued to turn to our community for inspiration.  She has also written articles for our website about concrete ways that she finds hope and fulfillment as a mother, even in the hardest of times.

In today’s podcast, Rachel reads four of her articles for you:

We hope you will listen to this uplifting podcast, full of hope and ideas for getting through the daily struggles of motherhood, big and small!

And don’t forget, YOU can write for Power of Moms too!  Guidelines for submitting can be found here.  We’d love to hear from you about what you are learning and how you are growing each day as a mother.  We love this community of women and the hope that we gain from each other.



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If your children bicker and argue (and we’re guessing they do), what do you do about it?

In this week’s encore radio show, Saren and April discuss some of their own experiences handling sibling rivalry (some that work, some that don’t!).

They talk about when to ignore the arguing, which discipline strategies work best for them, and where they go for additional answers.

Once you’ve listened to the podcast, please share your thoughts below!

For full show notes, please visit powerofmoms.com/2-19

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