Join Dawn Wessman, our Instagram Coordinator, as she reads three timely and well-loved posts about defeating fear, mini catastrophes, and expressing gratitude. See show notes at:

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Technology has changed so much in the past decade. As a mother juggling so many things, it can feel really overwhelming knowing how to navigate screen time on top of everything else!

As deliberate mothers, we know we need to be intentional about how we model technology use and proactive in preparing our children for life in a digital world. But how do we do that?

One of our Power of Moms team members, Andrea Davis, has made it her job to help parents learn positive strategies so they can worry less and connect more with their kids.

In today’s audio post, Andrea shares Five Strategies to Help Your Family Fight Technology Addiction. Even if you don’t feel like anyone in your family has a technology addiction, these ideas will help if your family is simply slipping into some undesirable screen time habits.

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