At Power of Moms, we believe that motherhood is beautiful, noble, and essential for growing strong families and strong communities.

But since it's so easy to get distracted, we asked our community to answer this question and remind all of us what matters most:

In 10 words or less, what did you love best about your mom while you were growing up? We're guessing you're not going to pick her "rock-hard abs," but is there a specific experience or characteristic that stands out in your mind?

We were deeply touched by the comments we received, and it was wonderful to see that deliberate motherhood isn't about our employment status, our looks, our exotic vacations, or our ability to be "perfect."  It's simple.  It's personal.  And it's, quite honestly, amazing.

Click this link to read the whole Facebook thread and then click the link below to hear April and Saren discuss this conversation and share their thoughts about their own mothers. (Add your thoughts in the comments!)


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