Power of Moms is a gathering place for "deliberate mothers," but what IS a deliberate mother? Come find out in this fun conversation with April and Saren. Show notes and information on Power of Moms two published books can be found at powerofmoms.com/43.

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Want to learn a little more about our brand new book that is currently #1 in all of Amazon's Motherhood category? This bonus radio interview with April Perry--by Dave Woodward and Ambyr Rose of 92.1 "The Frog" WFGF in Lima, Ohio--will give you a sneak peek into the book--along with some special additional content from April. We are within shouting distance of reaching the NYTimes Bestsellers' List, and we would LOVE for you to visit our book page at www.powerofmoms.com/mr. Thanks!

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Motherhood is a beautiful, wonderful pursuit. But it sure involves a lot of mundane tasks that have to be done again and again and again! In this week's Radio Show, April and Saren discuss ways to find meaning and magic in the mundane. Show notes available at www.powerofmoms.com/42

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"Hey, Mom! Can I _____?" (You fill in the blank!) It is SO easy to say no--especially when our children want to do something messy, time-consuming, or inconvenient. But what if we all decided to say "Yes!" just a little more often? Join Catherine Arveseth and April Perry as they share some powerful experiences and personal stories that will give you some GREAT food for thought that applies to children of all ages. Show notes available at www.powerofmoms.com/41. "Motherhood Realized," the brand new book co-authored by April, Catherine, and more authors from Power of Moms can be found at www.powerofmoms.com/mr.


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Power of Moms Co-Founder, Saren, and her sister, Shawni, who runs the popular blog 71 Toes share what they're learning about building and maintaining strong relationships with teenagers. Show notes available at www.powerofmoms.com/40. (And there is a whole series of these Family Life podcasts--recorded for moms AND dads that you can access from that page. Thanks!)

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Most of our lives are filled with ordinary activities. And often we look at everyone whose life looks "fabulous," and we wonder, "What am I DOING?" This podcast with April Perry and Tiffany Sowby features a beautiful perspective that ALL of us need to remember. Show notes are available at www.powerofmoms.com/39. To find out about our new book, please visit www.powerofmoms.com/mr. Thanks!

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What IS a "good mom" anyway? Do you ever find yourself feeling frustrated with yourself because you don't meet those expectations you've built up in your mind? Join April and Allyson for a down-to-earth discussion that will help ALL of us redefine what it means to be a good mother. Show notes at www.powerofmoms.com/38 (And if you want to download a FREE chapter of the new book at Power of Moms, "Motherhood Realized," go to www.powerofmoms.com/mr.) Thanks!

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Do you ever feel like there are too many choices regarding how to spend your time? Join Saren Eyre Loosli, April Perry, Allyson Reynolds, and Kelly King Anderson in a fun Learning Circle-type discussion about how we devote our best energies to our top priorities (or, at least, how we're really trying).Show notes available at www.powerofmoms.com/37

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If we want our CHILDREN to dream, we need to lead by example. This podcast features inspiring ways to take our dreams to the next level--and pursue them in tandem with deliberate motherhood. Show notes available at www.powerofmoms.com/36

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What's the top piece of advice you'd give to an expectant mother? We posed this question to our community and received great responses. To see our show notes visit powerofmoms.com/35

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