At New Years, we hear a lot about goal setting. But before we start planning all the ways we’re going to make this next year fabulous, we need to create some space in our lives. (Because a cluttered house, a crazy schedule, and a frenzied mind are not helpful when it comes to successful goals and plans, right?)

Join April and Saren in this week’s radio show as they discuss tried-and-true tips for making space for our goals–in the midst of our mothering experiences.

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In this episode, Saren reads three chapters from our new eBook which is called A Deliberate Mother's Guide to Holidays, Vacations and Quality Family Time. The three chapters she shares are also posts on this website that have been read by thousands of mothers on Power of Moms over the years.  For more information about the ebook and for full show notes, please visit

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Feeling stressed about the Christmas season?  These audio posts are here to help!  For full show notes, please visit:

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Crystal Paine was an extremely shy young mom when she started blogging.  She trembled in fear and "ugly-cried" her way through her first speech at a blogging conference, but she now speaks to thousands all over the country and travels to South Africa to help with an amazing non-profit. 

Today she and Power of Moms' Board Member, Rachel Nielson, will talk about how taking small steps in the direction of our dreams can make a huge impact in the world.   They will also tell us about a fundraiser to impact an amazing community in South Africa!  Go to for more details and full show notes.

Are you struggling with something hard in your life right now? Is survival mode or negative self talk starting to overwhelm you? You're not alone-we've all been there! These three audio posts are from other moms in the trenches. Find out how they have learned to get through hard times and see the beauty of what they are doing.

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With the holidays right around the corner, Saren and April offer great ideas to help you figure out what events and activities are most important for YOUR family and plan how to get things done in an efficient and stress-free way.

Show Notes

Step-by-step instructions and photos of the planning process outlined in this podcast are here!

Children for Children Concert Details

A Christmas Problem 100 Years Old (about reading together at Christmas – book list included)

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What do you think is the key to happiness? Could it be gratitude?

In this episode, Saren shares three great posts on gratitude. Each post offers stories and concrete ideas to help you pump up the gratitude and experience greater happiness in your life.

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Would you like to help your child to go to a top college--and graduate debt free? This powerful interview with Tom Bottorf, founder of College Success Formula, will give you the inspiration you need to set your child up NOW for an incredibly successful experience in higher education.

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Power of Moms Co-Director, Saren, spent a solid month visiting the 12 oldest National Parks in the west last summer (camping the whole way!). In this week's episode, Saren shares how this all came about and what her family gained through this wild and wonderful adventure.

The principles offered apply to all families whether they'd like to do a big trip or simply spend a little more time outside together as a family.  For full show notes, please visit

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We received a fantastic question from a mom in our community about what to do once her children transitioned to school. Read the exact question below, and then listen to the podcast to hear great advice that came from YOU--our Power of Moms Community! For full show notes please visit

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