How can we as mothers bring healthy and positive emotions into our parenting? How can we get our kids to laugh more? In this episode of Power of Moms Radio, April and Kate Orson, author of the book Tears Heal, talk about how we can embrace the laughter and the tears and really connect with our children. Kate and April share ideas on how we can make space for our children's emotions, not only for our toddlers, but for our teenagers as well!


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In this fantastic encore episode, Saren talks with Katie Kimball from Kitchen Stewardship about how what we eat, the way we talk about food, and the way we prepare food is such an important part of parenting.

Katie offers concrete ideas about how to involve our children more in the preparation of food and really enjoy cooking alongside our children as we teach them responsibility and build their skills and self-confidence.

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Are you getting worried about summer? Often we want to use this season wisely and well, but be relaxed at the same time. We want to spend time with our kids, but we also don't want them to drive us crazy! This audio post has three articles with lots of ideas about how to achieve that perfect summer balance! For full show notes, visit

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