If making time for exercise, as a busy mom, has ever felt impossible to you, you NEED to listen to this podcast. Maybe you can even listen while you're out on a run! Show notes available at www.powerofmoms.com/30

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Listen as April and Saren share their experiences with laundry--alongside lots of concrete tips from our community. There's no one "right" way, but with all these great ideas, you're sure to discover tips to make laundry work better in your home!  Show notes available at www.powerofmoms.com/29

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EVERY mother has times when she feels burned out. (We're only human!) In this radio show, April and Saren share their own stories--plus a variety of thoughts from our Power of Moms community that will help us identify our burn-out triggers (and prevent them!).  Show notes available at www.powerofmoms.com/27

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Ever find yourself putting off a big task or project? Wish you could conquer procrastination once and for all? April and Saren share their secret weapon for getting the right things done.  Show notes available at www.powerofmoms.com/26

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Raising a strong, happy family is ideally a team effort, but we've found that before a couple can be on the same page concerning their children, we need to be on the same page as a couple. Join Power of Moms Co-Director, April Perry, and her husband, Eric, as they discuss powerful principles for building a strong family on a strong marriage.  Show notes available at www.powerofmoms.com/25

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Ever feel like you're spread too thin? Join April and Saren (and our community of deliberate mothers) who share their best ideas for discovering and living by that deeper YES.  Show notes available at www.powerofmoms.com/24

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Great relationships with our children require an investment of time and energy, and one-on-one time (though often tricky to get) is a fantastic way to build family bonds that will last. Join Saren and April as they share tried-and-true ideas for making one-on-one time effective and enjoyable. Show notes available at www.powerofmoms.com/22

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