In this week's Radio Show, Saren talks with her two teenage sons about cell phones. They discuss how to enjoy the benefits of phones and technology while avoiding the drawbacks and share some points from their family's "Technology Contract."

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Are you going through a difficult challenge right now? Something you wish would go away? Here's a question that has changed my perspective...and my life.  Join April Perry as she discusses What Our Challenges Make Possible. For full show notes, please visit

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Do you sometimes wonder whether you're really making a difference? Do you see your dreams of doing big things fading away as you deal with all the little things that the little people around you need, day in and day out?

In this audio post, Saren shares an "a-ah" moment that helped her to see that all those seemingly little things we do every day as moms add up to be really big and beautiful things in the end.  For Full show notes, please visit

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