Today's podcast is a flash back 6 years ago to one of our original podcasts at Power of Moms:

We all know that love is an important ingredient in any family, but how do you show love to yourself and your family members amidst all the thousands of things there are to do each day?

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Looking for easy ways to make the month of February and Valentine's Day in particular, special for your family? These 3 audio posts are chock full of easy, but meaningful activities to help your family draw closer together- any time of the year!  For full show notes, please visit


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Are you looking for a treasure trove of amazing resources for teaching your children values, character, and history?

Two incredible mothers, Jennifer Brimhall and Jessee Stewart, have created a website that you must know about. It's called Raise the Good, and its goal is to help mothers educate the hearts of their children. 

For show notes, see powerofmoms/194

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