Today’s podcast was recorded with my sister Laura as we were sitting on the grass outside of a conference. Laura had shared a beautiful experience with our mom that happened about 20 years ago, and I just KNEW I needed to share it with you. 
It’s a simple story, but we hope that as you listen, you will come to more fully understand that there is power from above that is available for us and for our families. 
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We all want resilient children. We want them to be able to overcome worry, anxiety, stress, fear, and all those other emotions that we TOTALLY understand. But how do we do that? How do we incorporate that kind of training into our day-to-day lives as deliberate mothers? Today I'm joined by Sarah Boyd, a mother of two, a cancer survivor, an author, and an expert in the fields of psychology and neuroscience. She's sharing three ways we can help our children to have more courage--which you'll love. Plus, Sarah has created a list of her favorite children's books that teach principles of resilience, courage, and kindness.

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Three incredible deliberate mothers have prepared some great posts featured in this week's podcast. And our team of editors has done a GREAT job preparing their posts for the site. To make it easy for you to enjoy their words and reflect on their beautiful thoughts, we've put together an audio version for Power of Moms Radio.

Enjoy this incredible advice from other deliberate mothers--and don't miss the question and challenge at the end of each one!

(Plus, did you know YOU could be an author at Power of Moms? Our Author Page is linked at the bottom of each page on the website....We'd love to hear from YOU!)

We hope this week's podcast episode provides support for you in your work as a deliberate mother!

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As a special Mother's Day podcast, I sat down with Rachel Nielson from the 3in30 podcast to share some of my favorite experiences with my own mother, Zoe. Would you like some incredibly simple ways to bring more power and joy to your mothering? We hope you love these ideas as much as we do!

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Today's podcast is simply one side of a conversation between me and you where I talk about the following topics:
- "Mommy is a Person" - It's easy for us to become "responders" and even "people pleasers," but it's totally possible to balance the love we have for our families with our personhood.
- The importance of holding onto our personal power. Please learn from my mistakes. It's been a painful road, but I'm coming back.
- The process of acknowledging how much we ARE doing. I've had some conversations with a variety of mothers lately who are going through a lot, but often do not realize it. This needs to change for all of us.
- How to plan our lives in a way that makes sense. I'll walk you through David Allen's Natural Planning Model and explain how it can help!
- How we can be catalysts of change. I'll share a story from 10 years ago when Eric and I wanted to start a home business and make some other big changes in our lives, but all we had was a tight, cramped, cluttered office--and no energy to do anything but watch TV at night.
- Details about a "Command Central Boot Camp" coming soon at LearnDoBecome, if you want to be part of the fun with us!
We're so happy to have you here with us at Power of Moms Radio!
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